Production Plus HEAL System™

HEAL System

Production Plus HEAL System™

Get to know the HEAL system

Quite simply, the HEAL System is a patent pending, innovative solution that makes your artificial lift strategy more efficient. It’s a downhole solution that seamlessly joins the horizontal as part of a standard well completion. Designed to perform for the life of the well and with no moving parts, the system is made up of a floating seal, a Sized Regulating String and the Heal Vortex Separator.

Long-term results show that the HEAL System can enhance:

  • Sucker Rod Pumps
  • Electric Submersible Pumps
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Plunger Lift Pumps

See how the HEAL System works

  • The HEAL seal forces production from the horizontal section to the build section
  • Production flows up the Sized Regulating String and is conditioned into a multiphase state, lowering fluid density and mitigating slugs
  • Conditioned flow is delivered to the Vortex Separator, which lifts fluids and separates gas and solids
  • Gas rises through the annulus and conditioned fluids are drawn back up the Vortex Separator and delivered to the pump
  • Solids are dropped into the sump for a second stage of solids control

Where does the flow go?

HEAL System flow path

Save on capital costs

It’s common for horizontal wells to transition through multiple artificial lift systems. While operators can offset costs by transitioning to rod pumping, they often have to bridge the gap between natural flow or high volume ESPs and rod pumps with expensive intermediate lifting solutions. The good news is the HEAL System can bridge that gap, reducing the number of transitions required, requiring smaller equipment and moving the well to rod pumping more quickly. The potential capital savings can be anywhere between $200,000 to more than $500,000 per well.

HEAL lowers capital costs

Reduce operating costs

A big problem with horizontal wells is damage to the pump from solids. The HEAL System overcomes this issue by conditioning flow – producing less sand, disrupting the transport mechanisms down the horizontal, reducing the amount of solids transported and leaving them in the horizontal where they can’t interfere with the pump. If any solids do get through, the HEAL System separates and traps them in the sump area. By reducing solids, the HEAL System increases runtime and overall production, and reduces operating costs.
There’s great energy savings with the HEAL System too. The HEAL System allows the pump to be more efficient, which reduces energy consumption and cuts down on costs.

HEAL reduces workovers and maximizes production

HEAL increases drawdown

Increase drawdown

After installing the HEAL System in over 200 wells across Western Canada and the US, we’ve seen production increases from over 30% and as high as 100%. This is a result of increased drawdown, and increases in operational efficiency as runtime with the HEAL System improves significantly. While including the HEAL System at the initial well completion will produce the greatest benefits, existing wells can still benefit for the remaining life of the well.

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