Production Plus HEAL System™

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The HEAL System in action

Interested in learning more about what the HEAL System has done for other producers? Click to download our case studies that demonstrate where the HEAL System has been installed, what type of conditions the system has worked in and how the user has benefited from the system.

A New, Slickline Accessible Artificial Lift Technology to Optimize the Production Strategy in the Permian Basin

Download this paper from OnePetro to learn about the HEAL Slickline System under plunger lift.

Oklahoma Optimization

Convert from gas lift to rod pumping in gassy environments increases revenue

Mitigating Slug Flow from Gas Lifting to Rod Pumping Results in Significant Increase in Multiple Well NPVs

Read the full paper presented at the 2017 Southwestern Petroleum Short Course

HEAL Frac Hit System™

Learn about frac hit protection with the HEAL Frac Hit System

Breaking the 800 Psi ESP PIP Barrier: How A Proven Flow-Conditioning Technology can Dramatically Improve ESP Performance in Horizontal Wells

Download our SPE paper available at OnePetro that was presented at the 2017 SPE ESP Symposium.

Deconstructing the Artificial Lift Gap: The Consequences of Lift System Transition on per Barrel Cost

Download this paper originally presented under Production Plus Energy Services at the 2016 Southwestern Petroleum Short Course.

Downhole Flow Conditioning to Improve Well Production Economics

View this presentation from the SPE Calgary Section Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization SIG presented in 2016 under Production Plus Energy Services Inc.

HEAL versus Downhole Separators

Implement one solution for efficient pump fillage.

Optimize the Montney

Efficient sucker rod pumping in gassy environments

Optimize the San Andreas

A total system approach yields greatly enhanced sucker rod pumping performance

Optimize the Shaunavon

Achieve Lower Bottom Hole Pressure with a Vertically Set Pump

Optimize the Tonkawa

Solving bottom hole pressure problems of gas lift

Optimize the Wolfcamp

Replace gas lift with the HEAL System to enable efficient rod pumping

Rod Pump Displacement Calculator

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