HEAL Systems Inc. is a Joint Venture between Production Plus Energy Services Inc. and Schlumberger Ltd.

The Challenge

When it comes to resolving an effective artificial lift strategy over a horizontal well’s life cycle, there are many complications and compromises. HEAL Systems™ has developed an artificial lift solution that addresses some of the most common challenges in horizontal wells – solids, gas interference, slug flow. The HEAL System™ gives you the freedom to optimize your artificial lift strategy over the life of the well.

High total well capital expenses

Horizontal wells often have complex drilling profiles and require transitions through multiple lift systems after the natural flow period. Oversized pumping equipment is frequently required to deal with deep wells and inefficient production.

High operating

The sluggy flow, gas and solids common in horizontal wells cause frequent pump failures, excessive downtime and significant workover costs. Deep pump placement and low pump efficiency drive up energy consumption.

Production and reserves not maximized

Producers are often unable to maximize production and reserves. This is because horizontal wells experience inadequate drawdown due to lift system limitations, and pump placement hinders their ability to pump off the well to very low bottomhole pressures.

Production Plus HEAL System™

The Solution: The HEAL System™

Production Plus Energy Services Inc. (the majority holder of HEAL Systems) discovered after 8 years of research and field trials that slug flow mitigation is the key to solving artificial lift challenges. With even and conditioned fluid flow, artificial lift systems are able to perform more efficiently and more reliably.

The HEAL System was invented to mitigate slugs and smooth flow from horizontal wells. It is a patent-pending downhole solution that easily joins to the horizontal as part of a standard well completion. By conditioning flow from the horizontal, the System enables you to maximize drawdown and minimize costs over the life of the well.


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Where the HEAL System is working

Operators across North America are installing the HEAL System in their wells.



60 +


30% - 100% +

Production Increases

What others are saying


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